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Host-pathogen and bacteria-bacteria interaction via nanotubes​


We recently discovered together with the Ben Yehuda group that bacteria utilize central components of the T3SS to generate surface membranous appendages termed nanotubes. We are now engaged in defining the molecular components and the processes of nanotube biogenesis. We  are also investigating what is the molecular cargo of nanotubes, how they mediate the cargo delivery and how it benefits the bacteria (See also our ERC-Synergy project).


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  2. Bhattacharya S, Baidya AK, Pal RR, Mamou G, Gatt YE, Margalit H, Rosenshine I, Ben-Yehuda S. (2019) A Ubiquitous Platform for Bacterial Nanotube Biogenesis. Cell Reports 27:334-342.

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